"10 Things in 2018" Report - Thank You

Thank you for your trust!  

The Program that you’ve purchased is the complete unedited recordings from our last Martial Arts Wealth – Ultimate Martial Arts Marketing Bootcamp – just held live for our members only this August 2017. (you’ll also be receiving CD’s, DVD’s, and Transcripts of these sessions.) You’ll hear frank discussions about things that have been (and, haven’t been working) for our very successful school owner’s from around North America.  

Additionally, there’s a great bonus session with former World Champion – and, more importantly multi-million dollar school owner Grand Master Jeff Smith. He covers all of the bases A-Z to grow your school through “Grassroots” marketing efforts.  

You’ll also find here a complete example of at 12 month “Marketing Blueprint”  

The link to the digital materials is here: http://martialartswealth.com/the-complete-fill-your-school-program/  

As an additional bonus we will be mailing you free copies of two of my books:“Everything I Wish I Knew When I Was 22” and,“The Way of the Mile High Maverick”  

You may also enjoy the addition Seminar video recorded live of my talking about the key mistakes that school owner’s make as well as the digital download for both of the books.  

For the seminar video and the digital downloads go to: http://martialartswealth.com/freevideo  

Finally, we’d love to set a time to chat with you about your school’s needs and to give you some personal feedback on growing your school.  

Thank you.  

Stephen Oliver, MBA 9th Degree Black Belt Founder/CEO Stephen Oliver’s Martial Arts Wealth Mastery